Friday, May 8, 2009

Our life as of 09...

I haven't been on here very much, obviously. I have been taking a break from the computer lately so its mainly homework or facebook for me. Isabella will be two this month, and that is hard for me. She loves to tell people she is almost two... which is even harder for me! She speaks in sentences and counts to 13 in english and ten in spanish.. knows her abcs and is pretty much just talking away. we figured she'd be pretty verbal from the get go but its amazing to look back and basically see how far and fast shes come! She understands just about everything we say and I understand 90% of what she says... which sometimes is rough. She is a bit bossy, yesterday she told Daddy to leave and go to work. She loves to yell at PJ and to play with him, and of course walk him.. by his tail that is. :) Shes a joy to have around and has become pretty pleasant lately.. I am just looking forward to all the teeth coming in!

J is still waiting to move on. We are done with 2/7, but still stuck here. He really wants to do Fast Company which is based out of Virginia and I think that would be neat. I know God will put us where we need to be. Its been awesome having him home so much, but we both know he needs to go work!! There was a point he thought about deploying again with 2/7 but that was shot down these past two months.

As for me.. well I am still in school and still writing papers daily, it seems! I am basically happy. We are expecting number two this Christmas, in case you didn't know. We are thrilled and I am sure Iz is too.. but we'll see. :) We thought we had lost the baby around five weeks, but it ended up I had a tear in my uterus. We basically had to wait out these past two weeks to see whether my body would keep baby Eggo or not, and after today's ultrasound it appears it has! Eggo is doing great and my body has healed itself totally. The doctor let me know how worried he had been and the expression on his face was nearly priceless, almost like J's when he saw the baby. So thats about it for us! We're just (im)patiently waiting to see where the Lord will take us but enjoying our precious time together until it happens.

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